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May 2014 - Stair refinish in Gross Pointe, Michigan.

Al's son Justin performs what one would expect from a professional with this complete refinish job on stairs that were covered with carpet. Watch as the stairs were stained a Duraseal nutmeg color and finished with a satin water based system. Great before and after comparison.

April 2014 - Repair Sand & Finish in Northville

Here's a situation few hardwood guys in the Detroit area are capable or willing to handle. See what's involved in a weave that involved some 340 square feet. Really stunning before, during and after pictures!

April 2014 - Big Al fixes a handyman special in Plymouth.

Al and his crew were called in to rescue a homeowner that saw a handyman attempt to refinish her 70 year old floors with tools rented from Home Depot. These floors were finished with an oil based finish. Great before and after comparison.

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