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Most people think borders and medallions can only be installed when putting together a new floor, and that's just not the case. We have handled inlays into old floors on many occasions. It's a little bit harder to do but the results are the same. There are a million ways for us to trick out your floor, something as simple as a one board border (very inexpensive) to a 3, 4, or five board border.(shown right)

Medallion Examples

Some of the simpler pre-manufactured borders are very inexpensive. The more elaborate they get, like anything else, the price goes up, up, and away. Another of my favorite things to do is a herringbone floor with a three or four board border under the dining room table for example. This will not break the bank. Maybe you have some of that profit sharing money General Motors, Ford and Chrysler are handing out this year left for a night out on the town. For as little as a few hundred dollars you can do these simple little things and blow all the neighbors floors out of the water.

We work for everyone from your average working stiff all the way up to people who have their names on Forbes 400 richest Americans list. If you're on that list and want to blow away every home in metro Detroit we can arrange that too. Some of the more elaborate medallions are just mind blowing and can be made in any size. If you have a large room you can get a 6 foot diameter medallion surrounded by some breath taking parquet patterns. If you own a home with a ball room, a 20 footer can be made. Anything is possible nowadays.

A lot of our refinish work comes from either someone who has just bought a home, or someone who is getting the home ready to sell. In either case, why not throw in another 500 bucks and add a little bling to the floors. Just the fact that the home has wood floors increases the value, Imagine what some bling bling may do for your home value. Any realtor will tell you that homes with hardwood sell faster. Let us help you sell that thing so we can start working on those floors in the new home.

Almost anything can be put to wood. Are you a cat lover? Let's arrange a custom made cat medallion. Want a favorite sports team logo in the center of the man cave? No problem. All it takes is a design idea to start!

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Brazilian Cherry Border Maple Floor

Brazilian Cherry Border - Four board Brazilian Cherry border in kitchen with first grade Maple. Unfinished then sanded.

Globe Hardwood Medallion

Foyer Medallion
- Sand and finished in place floor with five inch red oak character plank.

Installing floor medallion

Installing Floor Medallion - Routing out the perimeter for insertion of medallion. Sand and finish white oak.

Staining Wood floor border

Applying Stain -
Application of Duraseal neutral stain on a nine inch border pattern. Border installed into existing floor with new diagonal field of red oak.