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I can't tell you how many ways there are to install a hardwood floor, The few I'm going to list here will be the most popular methods for residential purposes only. The type of sub floor you have will determine what the installation method will be.

Plywood Sub Floors

Most homes we deal with in Michigan have plywood sub floors. You know, the wooden types that have a basement below. For this the majority of our installations are done by nailing the hardwood down. But there may be cases in older homes where a floating floor may work best. Reasons can include a better feel or more comfortable to walk on as the actual floor is installed over a foam cushioned underlayment.

Concrete or Slab Sub Floors

The most popular way to fasten a floor to a concrete slab would be to glue it directly to the slab using one of many different types of engineered flooring choices, but does pose some risk as they can make for a loud floor. This is where the benefit of a floating floor can work better.

They say nowadays you can glue solid hardwood directly to a slab, but I know for a fact most contractors would run from this type of installation. Most of this advice typically comes from inexperienced salespeople at those big box stores. Installing a solid wood floor over concrete can be done by either gluing and shooting concrete pins through 3/4 inch plywood then nailing to the plywood.

However, the best method would be to float a double layer of 5/8 inch plywood over the slab and then nail to it. Sounds odd doesn't it? It is fast becoming the norm with many professional hardwood guys as it does a better job at keeping potential moisture coming from the concrete that can cause problems.

Enhancing Your Hardwood Floor

There are many ways to enhance your hardwood floor. Some of the less expensive ways to add some bling to your hardwood floor would be adding a simple border made from feature strips, or single pieces of a different colored hardwood (shown right).

Doing a border at the front door would add a nice accent, or a picture frame around a fireplace hearth. There are a lot of inexpensive ways we can add some serious wow factor to your floors that include pre manufactured CNC router or lazer cut medallions and borders. Most people don't even know this stuff exists. With these types of borders and medallions your floors will be the talk of the town and doesn't really break the bank either.

If your pockets have no bottom, we can hook you up with floors that look like they belong in a palace. Some of the different parquet patterns available today will blow your mind. One of my favorites is a three dimensional floor that looks like you could trip over blocks sticking out of the floor.

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Maple Hardwood Border installed Bloomfield Hills MI

Maple Border - Feature strip installed with prefinished Brazilian Cherry herringbone design. Bloomfield Hills.

Golf Hardwood Floor Medallion

Golfer Medallion - Installed in the foyer of a home in Huntington Woods. Sand and finish.