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Character Hardwood Flooring

Character floors with Al Havner can be described as hardwood with wide color variation, stand out characteristics that nature has created from different parts of the tree during its growth period. Items that makeup these unique woods can come from the type of soil the tree was grown that creates numerous color tones or added mineral streaking. More natural elements include knots, small and large.

Man Made Machining

Also thrown into the mix are options for nearly anything your heart desires. This could include natural distressing accomplished by hand scraping or a newer design trend in rough sawn floors. The latter is a true throwback to earlier times creating the ideal rustic d├ęcor many are looking to theme their homes after. Some also refer to them as an antique appearance.

Numerous Choices With Numerous Hardwood Species

Shown below is a sampling of more common American grown hardwoods in their lower graded appearances. Lower grade simply describes their appearance and has little to do with durability and quality. We've placed the name character or rustic on most, but most are graded to standard classification as shown with the red and white oak examples. As with all of site finished floors, color and finish options are numerous.

Reclaimed Hardwood

Another popular style today is reclaimed. These hardwoods can display characteristics that went into the actual construction of older buildings now being torn down. They can include nail holes, closed peg hole joints, rough sawn appearances, and other surprises.

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Character Grade Hardwood

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